Fresh red® peach iced tea

Fresh red® peach iced tea

Make our easy-to-make, homemade iced teas – in minutes! Loaded with antioxidants, they are a delicious way to boost your immune system and cool down on hot summer days. Be sure to try our fresh red®, winner of the SCAA Best New Specialty Product in the USA, the home of iced tea!



  1. Prepare red espresso® ground Rooibos  as you would coffee  using your coffee appliance:
  2. Fill a glass with ice
  3. Add peach juice
  4. Pour red espresso® Rooibos over ice and peach juice

      The healthiest homemade iced tea

      • 100% natural, real iced tea
      • Loaded with immune-boosting antioxidants
      • Deliciously healthy for kids: mix some up for lunch, after school or sport;
        freeze it as ice lollies
      • Great for after a workout!

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