Our eco-friendly, custom-built factory

Our eco-friendly factory, situated just 45 minutes outside of Cape Town in the Paarl Winelands, is where we do all of our manufacturing, product and drinks innovation, packaging design and marketing. We have customized the equipment and machinery in our factory to ensure product excellence and consistent in-cup quality from our grind.

The factory has been designed to be as energy efficient as possible. Our investment in solar power means we remove 36 tons of carbon per annum from our carbon footprint!

Insulated building blocks and double glazing moderate the temperature so we can minimize our use of air conditioning. Large windows allow for natural light where possible, LED and energy efficient lighting reduce electricity and we use a 40,000-litre rainwater catchment system that minimizes our reliance on municipal water.

We work directly with our farmers to ensure full traceability

We are responsible for every step of the process, from the farm to the shipment of finished goods.

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We only use the best quality ingredients

Our Rooibos is grown wild on the Cederberg Mountains, atop plateaus where the plant grows slowly and hence tastes stronger – but also the kind of place where intensive farming is not feasible and growth is dictated by nature.

Since branching out into chai and superfood lattes we have stayed true to the same guiding principles. All of our products are made from pure, simple, high-quality ingredients that you can trust.

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We add value in our country so as to create change

We are helping to build a future for South Africa and are committed to ensuring that the full value chain of red espresso® is enjoyed in South Africa, working closely with the Department of Trade and Industry in this regard. Learn more about our Seeds of Hope subsistence farming project here

What they've been saying about red espresso®

Over the years we’ve been featured by curious print, web and radio outlets from all over the globe. And we’ve been singled out by business partners and industry contacts too. Here’s a selection of our greatest hits…

“Rooibos has never been cool…but now it’s flippin’ cool.”

Soekie Snyman, past board member of the South African Rooibos Council

“I have admiration for your product and for the heart with which you do things and the ultimate value you place on people and enriching their lives. You’ve ploughed up new ground and opened a gap for a product people hadn’t imagined. That product is now a household name that brings everyday happiness to everyone from farmers and factory workers to baristas and customers.” 

Pete Howie, Seattle Coffee Company

“Athletes, nutritionists, yogis, pregnant women, and children are a few of the caffeine-adverse folks who can now participate in café culture, thanks to caffeine-free red espresso®.” 

Fresh Cup magazine

“Home-grown, globally-known, healthy innovation.”

ELLE Magazine

“Rooibos tea could be the new world coffee.”

The Star Newspaper

“There’s a quiet revolution happening in coffee – red espresso®. It’s got ten times the antioxidants of Rooibos and is caffeine-kick free. Enjoy red cappuccino – it’s on its way to world domination.”

Marie Claire Magazine

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