How to pour a red heart

How to pour a red heart

To create enviable latte art, you need three things: thick espresso with dense crema, microfoam and practice. For the best extraction and crema delivery, use our Red Crema Plus (RCP) basket. For microfoam, follow these tips.

Here are some tips to creating red latte® art:

Steam your milk while your red espresso® Rooibos is being brewed.

Start with the pour a little high. Once the cup is about half full, lower the pour close too the crema and the foam should appear. Go from high to low and pour with a steady speed.

You should pour the milk as soon as possible. Hold the cup on its ear and slightly at an angle. Start pouring the milk slowly in to the crema. You do not want to pour to slowly as this will leave the foam behind in the jug. You also do not want to pour too quickly because this will break the crema apart. Pour slowly in a few spots in the cup to break through the crema.

Start pouring the milk into the back of the cup once the cup seems just more than half full. Slowly, but very steadily, move the pitcher from side to side in a wriggle movement. This is a wrist movement and should be done just slightly. Keep moving it side to side in one spot in the cup until you see the foam appearing.

Once you see the foam break through the crema you can start pouring patterns.

Move the jug side to side in one spot in the cup. Keep doing this until you get a big circle of crema. Slightly move the jug forward just a bit. Then keep pouring the milk on the big spot of foam until the cup is almost full. Finally move the jug in a quick straight line forward to finish of your heart.

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