If you want a little bit of vanilla, just a hint of taste that still manages to speak volumes, then the red espresso vanilla capsule will become your new favourite drink.

It’s dreamy and creamy, without any actual cream. I discovered that a drop of honey and a good deal of milk goes a long way in creating a rooibos drink that is quite close to an actual dessert.

As any treat lover would know, vanilla is the addition that goes into any dessert to make it taste phenomenal. From waffles, to fudge, to chocolate brownies, no dessert is complete without that hint of vanilla. But many desserts tend to overpower with an excess of sugar! That’s why I migrated to red espresso vanilla. There’s no sugar or any additives, just good ‘ol fashioned taste.

I’ve had many red espresso flavours. Heck, I’ve tasted all of them, including the original, intenso, caramel and chai. While the red espresso vanilla is not the strongest red espresso drink, it is most certainly my favourite flavour, and here’s why:

As I said above, I don’t want an overpowering taste of vanilla. I need that perfect balance of sweetness and red espresso vanilla hits those notes. You can especially taste it on your tongue as the flavours wash over the inside of your mouth. The boffins at red espresso have managed to whip up a flavour that is practically timeless. 

The standard burst of flavour that accompanies every red espresso product is front and present here. red espresso is the ultimate drink, as it mixes the traditional taste of rooibos, with a potent blast of tastes that no other tea has been able to match. I’ve gone through many teas in my lifetime, and none as yet are able to combine taste and strength like red espresso has managed to do.

After effects
When I first began drinking red espresso, I used to feel extremely refreshed. This was a taste I was simply not used to, and the (not literal) injection of rooibos into my bloodstream made me fully alert, but not restless, all day long. It also helped aid my digestive system, as rooibos is an extremely calming preservative-free drink, and more so with red espresso. When I discovered that not only can I enjoy red espresso but get that sweet taste of vanilla as well, I was hooked!

Mixes well
There are many, many red espresso recipes to try out, and red espresso vanilla mixes well with every single one of these. From iced teas to tea-style desserts, I had a blast creating vanilla tea-flavoured red espresso concoctions. My favourite: the vanilla red milkshake.

The vanilla is not that omnipresent in the red espresso, and by this I mean that it does not overpower your taste buds. It is there, but it does not smack you over the head screaming “this is a sugary sweet drink!” and it’s for this reason alone that I can recommend red espresso vanilla as a must-try drink. 

Overall: 8/10