The Clanwilliam Cedar tree (after which the Cederberg was named) occurs only in the Cederberg Mountains and represents one of 1000 surviving conifer species in the world. While there were once forests of these beautiful trees in the Cederberg, there are now hardly any to be seen.


Conversion of large tracts of land for agriculture, fires and indiscriminate felling for furniture and telephone poles have almost wiped out the Clanwilliam Cedars entirely – to the extent that the species is classified as endangered on the global Red Data List and it faces a high risk of extinction.

In 1987, CapeNature started an initiative to restore the Cedar tree by replanting nursery-grown seedlings into the wild and, when we first got involved in 2009, they had replanted 500 Cedar trees into the Cederberg.

Carl Pretorius, the inventor and co-founder of red espresso, became aware of the plight of the Cedar on one of his visits to the Cederberg a few years ago and decided to do something. Along with red espresso’s sister company, Just Trees, a wholesale tree nursery which Pretorius also founded, we partnered with CapeNature and committed to planting 1, 000 Cedars into the Cederberg every year.

Every year for the past nine years, on weekends like this one, we plant our Cedar saplings into the wild, where they are cared for by CapeNature in an effort to restore this tree – and the Cedarberg – to its original glory. Each tree is ear-marked with GPS co-ordinates so that we can track its growth and survival.

Through sales of red espresso, not only are all our partners involved in the Red Cedar Project (the project logo of which you can find on each pack), but everyone who drinks and enjoys any of our red drinks too is supporting this fantastic initiative too.

Together we can not only save the Cedar tree – but also help preserve an extremely unique and special area, which is in itself a true gift to us. The very least we can do is give back a bit to it.