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Perfect extraction every time

Custom-made portafilter basket

We recommend using the Red Crema Plus (RCP) basket for best results. The RCP basket is our custom-made portafilter basket that we specifically designed to work with red espresso®. It delivers a perfect red espresso® shot – thick, rich crema, stronger taste and better extraction. The science is simple, the RCP basket has fewer holes than a typical coffee portafilter basket. This helps slow the extraction to produce a richer, tastier shot of red espresso® more consistently.

However, you can also make red espresso® using your standard double filter basket and manually pre-infusing (start expressing and stop when the pour starts, wait 10 seconds, then express a double shot (60ml/2oz). Or using an AeroPress.

Pros of the RCP basket

✓  Consistent shots every time
✓  Better, thicker crema
✓  Strong intense flavour
✓  Convenient: no need to manually pre-infuse

Products specifications

✓  Made of stainless steel
✓  58mm in diameter
✓  Extremely easy to use
✓  Fits on most models of the following commercial machines:
     - La Marzocco
     - Synesso
     - Slayer
     - Kees Van Der Westen
     - Nuova Simonelli
     - Victoria Arduino
     - Astoria
     - Rancilio
     - Wega
     - Brasilia
     - Expobar
     - Rocket
     - Faema

✓  Please note that the RCP Basket does not fit the following machines:
     - Conti
     - Unic
     - La San Marco
     - La Pavoni
     - La Scala 
     - Other 53mm group heads

If you have one of these machines, we suggest using a standard double filter basket for red espresso® and pre-infusing for best results. Or try using an AeroPress.

Step 1: Place the RCP basket in your porta handle
Ideally have a dedicated porta handle for red espresso®.

Step 2: Dose
Scoop 14g red espresso® (1 red scoop) into the RCP basket.

Step 3: Level
Ensure red espresso® is at an even level in the basket. Do not tamp.

Step 4: Bless
Using your palm, wipe away any excess red espresso® from the rim of the filter basket.

Step 5: Extract
Pull a double shot (60ml). Wipe basket with a damp cloth afterwards if necessary.

Customer Reviews

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Lydia Gray
RCP filter basket

I honestly didn’t know I needed this filter basket until now! Rooibos lattes are my favorite and one of the best selling tea lattes at my cafe! Thank you! Also they shipped fast too!!

Paul Cobb

Looks like it would work just dose not fit my machine

Gary Wittevrongel
RCP filter basket - Great addition

Works well. Good Crema

Peter Vagadori
RCP filter

Works just fine, fits the 58 mm portafilter nicely, and cleans easily.

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