Adding one teaspoon of red espresso smoothie powder to smoothies and shakes turns them into super-powerful, super-healthy smoothies and shakes!

Why? Because one teaspoon of red espresso smoothie powder has the same amount of antioxidants as:
5 x cups of green tea
6 x cups of beetroot juice
10 x cups of rooibos tea
20 x cups of carrot juice
(As measured in ORAC’s)

The unique antioxidants in red espresso help you to boost your immune system and detox. They also fight free radicals in your body that can cause premature ageing, heart disease and cancer.

Add red espresso as an antioxidant booster to your morning smoothie (just as you would spirulina and whey protein for example) for a power smoothie that’s hard to beat. Add it to your protein shake too.

Remember our rooibos smoothie powder is not soluble. Use 5g per drink. Simply add it into your blender with your other smoothie ingredients.

Product info: This smoothie powder cannot be expressed and is not for use in coffee appliances. It is not soluble. It is best used in a blender. Use 5g per drink.





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