Whether you love the refreshing taste of tea or the functional health benefits of superfoods, there’s a red espresso flavour to suit your lifestyle.

All of our rooibos products are naturally caffeine-free, sugar free and rich in powerful antioxidants.

All of our superfood latte mixes (consisting of 3 flavors: turmeric, matcha and beetroot) are:

  1. Made from natural plant-based ingredients only
  2. Non-GMO
  3. Vegetarian and vegan friendly
  4. No additives or preservatives
  5. No added bulking agents like flavourings, colourants, thickeners, emulsifiers
  6. No artificial sweeteners
  7. Refined sugar free, only organic coconut blossom sugar
  8. Less than a teaspoon of coconut blossom sugar per drink
  9. Gluten-free
  10. Key organic ingredients
  11. Non-irradiated spices
  12. Naturally caffeine-free (all except our green tea matcha latte)

Being healthy has never been this easy or tasty!

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Learn all about the incredible health benefits of red espresso.