Enjoy our red espresso rooibos in these 6 easy ways. And make staying healthy this winter delicious and fun:

  1. Start your day with a detox shot of red espresso – with or without honey
  2. Add red espresso as an antioxidant-rich booster shot to your breakfast smoothie
  3. Add a red espresso shot to your water bottle to replenish yourself during your workout
  4. Drink red espresso at the office to help reduce your work stress
  5. Add ginger, lemon and honey to red espresso for a strong, powerful, immune-boosting tea
  6. Enjoy red espresso with milk and honey before bed to ensure a good night’s sleep

Who knew enjoying a delicious rooibos red cappuccino or red latte could be so good for you?

Good for you to know

Learn all about the incredible health benefits of red espresso.