red espresso® - Rooibos tea K-Cups - compatible with all Keurig Brewers

Our signature Rooibos espresso blend

Rich, full-bodied Rooibos strength and flavour

Our award-winning Rooibos espresso is a naturally caffeine-free alternative to coffee. Made from 100% premium Rooibos tea that has been carefully selected and crafted into an espresso-strength blend designed for use in Keurig® brewers. The rich, full-bodied flavour of our tea can be enjoyed on its own or with cream or milk. Ideal for the whole family anytime of the day or night.

red espresso® Rooibos has a unique flavour which does not taste like coffee. It is naturally sweet with slightly earthy undertones. It is rich and bold, with a full-bodied, well-rounded mouth feel and a refreshing, clean finish.

  100% compatible with all Keurig® Brewers including 2.0
  12 K-Cups per box
✓  Special patented grind and maximum grammage delivers ultimate flavour
✓  Made from our premium award-winning Rooibos tea
✓  Slow grown at highest altitude as close to nature as possible
✓  Great alternative to coffee
  Kosher certified
  Halaal certified
✓  Frequently asked questions


*free sample available for wholesale customers only - one per customer

100% Rooibos tea (Aspalathus Linearis).

Nutritional information

Average values

Per 100ml serving

 Per 40ml serving










of which Total Sugar



Total Fat



of which Saturated Fat



Dietary Fibre



Total Sodium



Nutritional information for the product prepared as espresso with 40ml water.

  Naturally caffeine-free
  5x more antioxidants than green tea
  10x more antioxidants than regular Rooibos tea
  CANSA Smart Choice
  Immune boosting
  No additives, preservatives or colorants
  Low in tannin

Brewing your perfect cup is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Use 8-oz setting on your brewer
  2. Press the brew button
  3. Add cream or milk or enjoy as is

We recommend that you run a hot water brew cycle (without a pod) after each use.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dr. Todd Narson
Flavor is deep and amazing; However improved compatibility with the Keurig machine needs to be ex...

The flavor of RedEspresso is truly amazing. I love Red Rooibos tea and the RedEspresso grind of the "tea" leaves is much finer than typical Red Rooibos and you get much more out of each little leaf than you otherwise would. Hence the deep dark rich color and intense flavor.

However just before the Keurig finishes the tea, the tea leaves backflow out of the k-cup and spill over onto the machine and into my cup of tea. This doesn't happen with other tea k-cups nor does it happen with coffee k-cups. And we use a lot of both in our office. I use a K-cup version of another Red Rooibos tea with a regular grind for the tea leaves and this overflow doesn't occur.

That being said, the flavor is so good that I simply take a strainer and pour the tea over it and go enjoy my cup of RedEspresso.

Robyn Windsor

My husband and I fell in love with Red Espresso in South Africa last year. Not being able to get back this year I was thrilled to be able to find it in the US. Strongly recommended. The other Red Espresso products are very good. Their Spicy Chai Latte sachets are also delicious!


Best and refreshing taste

For the love of a red cappuccino ☕️

As a Saffi living abroad and having a taste of home with a cup of red cappuccino is awesome 👏. Love the product, however I’m giving it 3 stars as the pod seems to be faulty. Every time I make myself a cappuccino I need to clean my Keurig machine and that’s a mission 🤨. As soon as I place the pod into the Keurig and select the ounce of water it works fine and then after a few seconds I hear a double pop in the machine (pressure) and the rooibos tea is spilled all over the machine and I need to strain the tea... not sure why it’s happening, it did not happen the first few times I made it but it’s happening now thou 😔...when I empty the pod there’s an opening or leak... Love the product and will be ordering again most probably!

Customer Reviews

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