Instant spiced chai 10.58oz tin – vegan friendly

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Enjoy real café chai in an instant - just add hot water

This Chai Tea Latte blend is a quality café-grade chai that's easy to make at home. A delicious spiced chai made with authentic Indian spices, black tea and caramelised coconut blossom sugar to give it a unique taste profile. Indulgent without any dairy ingredients so that you can enjoy real café chai at home that's vegan friendly too.

It is non GMO and contains absolutely no gluten, palm oil, additives, flavourings or colourants.

  15 servings per tin
  Vegan friendly
  Made with authentic spices and real black tea
  Instant – just add hot water
  For real café chai replace the hot water with hot plant milk of your choice or dairy milk
  Gluten free and GMO free
  Frequently asked questions 


Sugar, Glucose Syrup Solids, Coconut Oil,  Coconut  Sugar, Spices, Potato Starch, Black Tea Extract (2%), Maltodextrin, Cellulose Gum, Flavouring, Corn Starch, DATEM, Dipotassium Phosphate, Salt, Silicon Dioxide.

Allergen advice: Made in a factory that handles cow’s milk and soy.

Nutrition Facts

 Gluten free
 GMO free
 No palm oil
 No artificial sweeteners, flavours or colourants
 No partially hydrogenated oils or cheap oil blends


Although the powder contain no milk ingredients they are not strictly dairy free. This is because the ingredients are sourced from factories that also manufacture milk products.

What our registered dietician has to say:"Thanks to red espresso®, this authentic Indian beverage can now be made in the comfort of your own home by just adding hot water and a milk/milk substitute of your choice. The red espresso® Chai Latte Powder is made by blending black tea with authentic Indian spices such as cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. These spices have been shown to have beneficial effects on blood glucose control, cholesterol and blood pressure. In addition, studies have shown that drinking black tea can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels. As is the Indian tradition, this beverage is sweetened with sugar so be mindful of your total sugar intake for the day when adding a red espresso® Spiced Chai Latte to your daily routine."

Recreate delicious, café-quality chai drinks easily at home with our special blend of authentic spices, black tea and caramelized coconut sugar.

Make a chai latte:

  1. Add 2 heaped teaspoons (20g) of chai powder into a cup and stir in 200ml hot water.

  2. For a creamier café-style chai replace the hot water with hot milk.

Make a dirty chai:

To make a Dirty Chai add a shot of espresso or a teaspoon of good quality instant coffee to your Chai Latte.

Make an iced chai latte:

  1. 2 heaped teaspoons (20g) into a mug
  2. Add 40ml hot water and mix into a paste
  3. Top up with cold milk and some ice blocks

Customer Reviews

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Bezu Love
Not to my liking

I was looking for a healthier Chai tea which it was but couldn't get passed the taste. To me it tasted like throw up. I hope it can be changed.