red espresso is a CANSA Smart Choice Product

red espresso is a CANSA Smart Choice Product

On the 7th of April 2015, World Health Day, red espresso was awarded the official CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) Seal of Recognition in recognition of our product’s unique health properties.

A regular fluid intake is needed to keep our bodies well hydrated and all bodily functions are dependent on water for operating well. Regular intake of rooibos tea not only helps keep us hydrated but offers numerous added health benefits. Having received the CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) Seal, red espresso is certified as a Smart Choice enabling South Africans to make better beverage choices with the knowledge that a trusted organization such as CANSA has extensively investigated the product and that it meets their set criteria.

In addition to being naturally caffeine-free, red espresso concentrates the antioxidants and health benefits of rooibos tea, to a level where one serving (60ml red espresso) equals 10 times the antioxidants of traditionally-brewed rooibos and five times the antioxidants of green tea. Rooibos tea elevates blood glutathione levels (the master antioxidant in the body) which counteracts the process of aging, the decline of the immune system, heart disease and the risk of cancer. Read more information here.

The CANSA Smart Choice Seal helps consumers identify products free of carcinogens and / or products with particular cancer risk reduction properties. The CANSA Seal was introduced to encourage South Africans to read product labels and to assist them in making informed choices – the aim being to promote smart, healthy, balanced lifestyles. By taking note of CANSA’s Smart Choice suggestions (including products such as red espresso), people are making a proactive effort in reducing their cancer risk. In order to qualify for the CANSA Seal, consumer products have to pass stringent tests aligned with South African National Standards (SANS), and/or similar International Standards.

“CANSA has been promoting its Smart Choice Seal extensively and was voted the most trusted NGO in 2014 by a Readers Digest survey, which is of value to any product that receives the Seal. The product red espresso, is a highly condensed form of rooibos containing concentrated levels of antioxidants as well as being a natural product that is deserving of this Seal,”says Elize Joubert, CEO of CANSA.

Monique Ethelston, red espresso Marketing Director notes that creating a product that would join the ranks of others in reducing the cancer risk, was something close to the hearts of the red espresso team. “We have spent many hours consoling people we love through the hardships of cancer. The opportunity to make a contribution, however small, to alleviating some of this heavy burden for others means a lot to us,” she added.

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