Lindt and red espresso® Rooibos

Lindt and red espresso® Rooibos

When the mercury drops and the shorter days take on a heightened sense of urgency, there’s nothing quite as comforting as a well earned tea break. Especially when the tea in question combines the very best of its caffeine-added counterpart to ratchet up the indulgence factor a couple of notches.

This winter, embrace the chill and cosy up with EXCELLENCE and red espresso®
- an indulgent pairing perfectly suited to cooler days and icy evenings. Made using caffeine-free Rooibos tea and refined into a full-bodied espresso format, red espresso® is an ideal match for the intensity of EXCELLENCE, elevating its dark and decadent undertones to create an utterly indulgent and deeply satisfying tasting experience.

So whether you’re in the mood for a quick time-out or in need of a lengthy decompression after a long day at work, our LINDT Master Chocolatiers’ red espresso® and EXCELLENCE pairing picks are sure to give you a good reason to love winter.

EXCELLENCE Mild 70% and instant Rooibos red cappuccino®

This creamy and decadent instant treat is perfectly complemented by the smooth and refined taste of EXCELLENCE Mild 70%. A beautiful symphony of understated flavour profiles, both of which are subtly elevated by one another, this mild match-up is perfect for an instant pick-me-up.

EXCELLENCE Roasted Hazelnut and chai red latté®

A pairing characterised by its strong aromas and textures, this bold and spicy coupling makes the perfect balm for those icy evenings, and is best enjoyed alongside a roaring fire. A powerful blend of Rooibos and traditional Indian spices, the chai red latté®s complex flavours are further enhanced by the rich nuttiness of the chocolate, which deepens the tea’s intense undertones to dramatic and decadent effect.

EXCELLENCE Orange Intense and Rooibos red cappuccino®

Rich, creamy and intensely comforting, the red cappuccino®s natural characteristics are brought to the fore when paired with EXCELLENCE Orange Intense. Subtle hints of orange zest ignite the tea’s natural notes, elevating its aromatic properties to create a wonderfully soothing and intensely satisfying crescendo of flavour, perfectly finished off with the delicate crunch of the chocolate’s characteristic almond flecks.

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Kirsty Reid

Kirsty, Monique’s sister, joined red espresso® in 2008 after years of graphic design and art direction on glossy magazines. In addition to being an incredible design talent who has had a fundamental impact on our brand’s look and feel, she has also championed our e-Commerce and Customer Service departments alongside Monique. This has made her a very familiar face to our many customers who have come to know and enjoy their time with her over the years! Kirsty also teaches yoga and volunteers part-time at the Ashia Cheetah Sanctuary in Paarl.