red espresso is an award-winning range of tasty, full-bodied rooibos tea espresso and superfood latte mixes that are so easy to make in your café and at home. Naturally caffeine-free and packed with powerful antioxidants, they are ideal for those looking for a healthy alternative to coffee.

If you love the refreshing taste of tea and the functional health benefits of superfoods, there’s a red espresso flavour to suit your lifestyle.


Famous on café menus for our rooibos red cappuccino, rooibos red latte, golden turmeric latte, beetroot superfood latte and green tea matcha latte, you can add our wide range of red espresso products to milk or any dairy alternative of your choice to make all your favourite coffee style drinks.

Made from pure, simple ingredients you can trust, our red espresso range is naturally caffeine-free, rich in powerful antioxidants, as well as quick and easy to make with any coffee appliance.

Slow grown and as close to nature as possible, you can taste the inherent goodness and real flavour of our ingredients in every cup.

Discover our red espresso range. See just how easy it is to add colour and health to your café menu and your life. One sip is all it takes.

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